Monday, March 24, 2014


A few weeks ago our clay guild had Maggie Maggio here for 2 days for classes.  Unfortunately for me, I couldn't go to either of them.  Lucky for me, the first day was a free class and there were handouts.
Most of you are familiar with Maggie Maggio and Lindly Haunani's book "Polymer Clay Color Inspirations".  Well, when I do clay, I mix what I'm familiar with and add a little white, translucent, pearl or ecru to pull all the colors together.  I learned about Julie Picarello's "Jecru" and love it too.  Normally when I'm confused about colors I call my friend Evelyn who taught art for 35 years and she brings me back to the reality of what happens when you mix some colors that you shouldn't.  MUDD, MUDD and more MUDD so I end up with a lot of clay that I can use for the inside of beads.  I was looking at the handouts from Maggie's class and something caught my attention.  BOINNNNG,,,,,, the light went on.  I took her book and some things in the packet, cut up some clay and made myself a little chart with my favorite colors.

With the left over pieces of the clay I made some Skinner Blends....

When I made my Skinner blends, I took a very thin sheet of pearl and put it on the back before I ran it through the pasta machine.  From these two sheets I made pendants using a tutorial by Randee Ketzel.

I have a different view of mixing clay colors now.  At first it was a little over whelming but boy I feel smarter just looking at her book again.  Based on her color mixing, I'm going to try different types and different colors to see what I can come up with instead of using clay out of the package.  Most of the clay now is very pretty and the colors are great.  I understand Premo is coming out with a new clay called "Souffle".  Sounds like it's going to be like the old Studio By Sculpey, I sure hope so, I really like that clay.  It's suppose to have s suede finish.  Let me know if you see it anywhere.
If you have a little time, open Maggie's book and try mixing some colors yourself.  It's an education to say the least about what you can do with a few colors.
I'm still making pens.  This one is for my friend Marie.  Her and her daughter both volunteer at a kitten and cat rescue place back in Wisconsin so I put the little cat on here.
Last Thursday I dog sat for my friend Beau.  He likes laying on my couch.  I guess he likes my pillow too.  LOL

How cute is he?


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

What a cute little visitor, Bonnie :) What did Buster think about having a "friend" over?

Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Monique, Buster didn't really move off the chair but Beau isn't a problem for him. It's Beau's little brother and sister that Buster doesn't like because they always try to kiss him. lol

Janet in Virginia said...

Bonnie, I love the hearts. Which of Randee's tutorials inspired them? I think I need to buy it.

Lupe Meter said...

Beautiful skinner blends, Bonnie! Your little visitor is totally cute! I love making those hearts! Yours is a beauty!

Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Janet, it's called Crazy Hearts and here is the link. It's wonderful and a lot of fun.