Saturday, March 1, 2014


This is Honey, Beau and Champ.  They belong to my friend but I walk them everyday.  Their dad died unexpectedly a year ago.  He walked them everyday.  My friend has a bad hip and knee so I started walking them about 9 months ago.  Whenever we get to a corner they sit down because they know we have to look both ways before we cross.  I don't even have to tell them anymore.  If I stop and pull on the leashes a little they all sit down.  People stop in their cars to make comments or just smile and wave.  Sometimes when we stop I give them each a treat.  Beau likes to "Give Me Five" before he gets his treat.

It's hard to take a picture while holding 3 leashes, a camera and a poop bag.  LOL

Honey is a Havanese, Beau is a Silver Back Terrier and Champ is a Yorkie.  Champ always grabs a little biscuit before we go walking and carries it out to the driveway so we have to wait till he's done eating before we can start walking.  They are all rescue dogs.  I always thought I was a cat person but I guess I can be a dog person too.  Buster doesn't like them so I don't bring them home too often.

If you get a chance, rescue a dog and take them for a walk, your whole like will change for the better.


Linda K. said...

This post really made me smile. They're all so cute!

Lupe Meter said...

They are so cute! You are so sweet, Bonnie!