Friday, January 27, 2012


Our clay guild is having a cane swap and I'm still experimenting with different types of canes to see what I can come up with.  I need 12 canes, 3 inches long.  Yesterday I made a couple Kaleidoscope canes.  I left one in tact after I cut it in half and put the two pieces together.

This is a picture of the end piece.  I wrapped the other two pieces up to keep them clean.

This is one piece of the second cane.
This is also a piece of the second cane.

These are the four pieces from the second cane that have been reduced.  At least now I have the concept of what I think I want to do but I want different colors.  These were done with left over canes and pieces of clay.  I'll try this again but with brighter colors.  It's a great way to take a cane you don't really like and make 4 different canes out of it.


Buster has had me laughing non-stop.  He's been wonderful.  I still think about Booboo but this little kitten is the love of my life right now (except for the big guy I live with).

This is where I found him this morning.  Took some work to get him down.  I still can't figure out how he got up there.
Wednesday he decided to get up on the fourth shelf and sleep on my purse.  When he got up, the purse started tipping forward and I was sure he was going to go flying and get hurt.  He did a flip and ended on the third shelf with the shoes.
He was holding on to those shoes for dear life after that.  At least he doesn't think my feet stink. :0)

Everyday is a joy and a new amusement with this little guy.  I think he has a cold.  He's been sneezing and coughing.  What do you give kittens when they get a cold?


Linda K. said...

Bonnie, I love the first cane and I surprised myself by liking the second one because those colors don't usually appeal to me. The first one looked kind of tropical--maybe a psychadelic palm tree? But then I saw it all: It's an oasis in the desert with a palm tree and zebras drinking from the water! The second cane has the zebras and water, but no tree.

Buster. What can I say? He's just hysterical.

KayzKreationz said...

While all the canes are great, I love that first one. And so glad Buster didn't get hurt. I'm still trying to figure out how he got on top of the door. :0

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Bonnie, I love Buster, and I have one exactly like him also named Buster! How about that for coincidences? My Buster is an old man in comparison, about 10 year old, but when he was a kitten, we used to find him in the weirdest places, too. He climbed up in the church steeple one day and the fire department had to get him down. I live across the street, and almost fainted when I happened to glance up at the steeple and saw this little face and two paws hanging over the ledge! I could tell you Buster stories all day long! :)

You can usually give them amoxycillan for the sniffles. Some feed and seed stores sell it in powdered form, although I get mine from the vet.