Friday, January 13, 2012


Mister Buster has been with us for 17 days.  We changed his name from Teddy to Buster.  He just isn't a Teddy.  I forgot what kittens do.  They get the crazies 2 or 3 times a day.  I've had to put all my knick knacks away.  He flies from one place to another and he's so fast I can't catch him.

He has a brand new comfy bed that my husband bought him but he won't go in it.  When he's not tearing the doilies off the tables or trying to eat the poinsettia plant, he sleeps on my oven glove that I use for polymer clay.

He is a thief among all his other fun things.  So far I'm missing a crochet hook, a tube of chap stick the pens off my desk, 3 pair of earrings (I found those).
He gets in the refrigerator every time it opens so we have to be careful.  He hit my neighbors dog the other day.

The dog growled but Buster didn't care.

At night he gets in bed with me and he stretches out next to the pillow.  And that's where he sleeps all night.  He weighed almost 2.5 pounds when I got him.  Now he's a little over 3.5.
I'm exhausted but I'm happy.  He's a joy..............till the next bout of crazies.


I went on facebook Tuesday and whined.  Had lots of people sending me great ideas.  I had a doctor's appointment at 10:15 with an orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday.  Got there at 9:40 to fill out paper work.  Finally got called in at 10:25.  At 11:00 no doctor so I went to check and the girl said she would check.  11:15 I went out again and another said she would check.  11:30 I went out again and a different girl said someone would be in right away.  At 11:40 I put on my jacket and grabbed my purse and a nurse came running in the room.  She said she was sorry that I got over looked because my paperwork was stuck to another patients but the doctor had to leave.  Does LIVID describe me now?????????? 

  I had shots in my back two months ago that didn't work so I wanted an MRI to find out what was really wrong.  I thought maybe my back and my migraines could be related.  She told me that what I had wrong was mechanical and that I didn't need an MRI and that I could have shots again in March.  So now my face is red, my blood pressure is up and the tears are ready to roll.  I've had chronic back pain since last September and it feels like a knife going into the left side of my back and my migraines are getting worse and more often.  It's prevented me from sitting and doing polymer clay and beading.  This nurse was so irritating.  I picked up my stuff and told her about the pain and that we weren't getting any where and she wrote me out a prescription for a narcotic and told me if I needed more I had to get them from my doctor.  She said if I didn't believe what she was telling me I could call the doctor and talk to him???????????????????????????????????????

The tears started before I got to the door.  I stopped at McDonald's and got the biggest ice cream cone they had.   Wednesday I woke up with a migraine and I'm sure it was stress from Nurse Ratchet and Dr. Dufus.   They won't be seeing me anymore.  I tried to get into my doctor but can't get in till the 23rd of January.  I think I should send a bill for my time.

I did learn a lesson though.  I will not sit in a little back room in a doctor's office more than 20 minutes without checking to see what the problem is.

Thanks for listening to my story.  I think I'll go get some cheese to go with my whine.


Cara Jane said...

so sorry to hear about your terrible time at the doctors, and more sorry that they weren't able to do something constructive to help you. Hope Buster helps keep you spirits up (and doesn't steal too many more things!)

Cara x

Linda K. said...

I think you did the right thing in changing Teddy's name to Buster after you got to know him--it's perfectly suited to his adorable personality. The only thing more fun than a kitty having the crazies is two kitties having the crazies!

Your doctor's nurse should have told him exactly what happened, he should have called you to apologize, and they should have offered you another appointment at YOUR convenience. Customer service isn't just for department stores.