Saturday, January 7, 2012


I found a couple wonderful places on Etsy to buy bezels and watch parts.  It's really hard to photograph resin because it back flashes because of the shine. 

I went back to Picasa to edit my pictures.  Now I just have to find a place to take better pictures.


Buster now weighs 3.2 pounds.  He loves to eat.  Good thing he came to right house because we love to eat too :0).

Having a kitten is really interesting.  I forgot how much trouble they can get into and how lovable they can be.  First thing in the morning I check all the blogs that I follow.  He gets on my desk and watches all the pages change and loves to follow the mouse arrow.

I wonder if he can read?  He sleeps right next to my pillow at night.  He has since the first night I got him.  I'll be in trouble if he ever gets to be a big cat.


Our guild is having a cane swap in February so I need to get to work and make some canes.  I like making flower canes but I would like to do some Kaleidoscope canes.  If you know a good one, send it to me.

  It's hard to type when a little cat keeps stepping on the key board.

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