Sunday, January 1, 2012


As I sit here typing, Buster has his head on my wrist.  He's been such a joy and the best Christmas present I've ever had.

He is not allowed on my work table or by my polymer clay, don't want cat hair in my resin or clay.  I've been working on bezels with clay and watch parts.  I have an order for quite a few of them so I've been trying different types of bezels.  I wish I could get better pictures of them.  I use Photofiltre to enhance my pictures but I'm just learning it and it's quite detailed.  I'll get there.
This is is a pendant I made for my friend Char who had cats but had to give them up because of her business.  She taught me how to trim Busters nails.  The cat is a little tiny button that I baked in the clay.  Then I covered the entire thing with Magic Glos.  Two coats.

This is a pendant made with a pearl, green-blue and black Skinner blend.  I bought the bezel from "The Hoarder's Closet" on etsy which is Marie Segal's.

This was made from a piece of my face cane from the Barbara Maguire class.  They all have resin (Magic Glos) on them which is really hard to photograph.

I found with the UV resins that they like to draw into themselves BUT if the item you are putting them on is COOL or COLD, the resin doesn't draw in as much.  I've been using a UV Light so I have to put my piece on a tile to put it in the lamp.  I make sure my tile is cold and the item I'm putting the resin on is cold before I apply the resin.  I made a pair of earrings that I wanted resin on also and found that I could paint a coat of resin on, put it under the light and repeat that painting with the resin to build up layers.


Linda K. said...

Bonnie, I really like your steampunk pieces--they're all beautiful. I do think that, of all the versions of your face cane that I've seen, the steampunk version is my favorite.

Buster is resting on your wrist thinking of how lucky he was that you chose him for your Christmas present.

My little Oakley likes to get into my chair, snuggle under my armpit, and put his head on my laptop keyboard. It's really hard to type when he does that, but I love it when he cuddles.

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Really so beautiful....