Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm running out of time and I need 12 pieces of cane for the swap.  I have 2 that I like.  Last night I worked for 3 hours making a cane.  Started out with two huge Skinner Blends and made a spliced cane.
I like this cane but wanted something intricate.  So I decided to make a flower cane of this.

This is really big.  I should have put a quarter by it so the size would be evident. 
I love flower canes covered in black instead of translucent so I used 5 packages of black to cover this cane.

Looks good now but once I got it covered and reduced, I was very disappointed.
My black clay was mushy.  There were spaces between the stamen and flowers so I filled it in with black clay.  I should have left it alone and just covered it.  Took a piece and did some manipulation.

I think I'm going to do a large Kaleidoscope cane and use this entire cane in the Kaleidoscope.  I'm very disappointed but I thought I would blog about the bad stuff since I usually try to blog about just good stuff.  Trials and tribulations I think they call it.

Can't blog without mentioning Mister Buster.  I thought his dad gave him a time out yesterday but then I realized he was sleeping.

This morning he woke me up by licking my nose.  Kitty love, nothing like it.

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Mª Reyes said...

Ya es mala suerte, ya que te estaba quedando una flor muy bonita, por suerte lo puedes aprovechas para hacer una caña caleidoscopio. Besos