Monday, November 14, 2011


This past weekend our clay guild sponsored a class with Barbara Maguire on how to do a face cane.  Little did I know how involved and hard it is to build a face cane.  She is a remarkable teacher and I have pictures to prove it.  We started out by making a pound of translucent clay into a color that we wanted for our flesh color.  Then we made the eye.  I swear, I never thought what I was doing was going to look like this.
This was my eye.

This is my eye cut in half.  I was so happy I was ready to quit right then and there.  I thought I would just make a bunch of beads with eyeballs.  Would make for great golf stroke counters.

You guessed it.  Now I have the lips.

The nose.  Doesn't look like much does it?

This was Barbara's final face cane.

This is my final face cane after lots of reduction and beating her on the table to get the clay to move.
I apparently didn't pack her forehead very well and it looks like she got shot with a 45 caliber.  She'll be fine once I slice her and move her lips back and give her some hair.  She looks like she is trying to tell me something like "FIX THOSE GUN SHOT WOUNDS IN MY FOREHEAD".

It was really fun and we had it had a great place, nice and close.

I'm finally on my new computer.  The shots in the back haven't quite stopped hurting yet but I hope in another week I'll be back to normal what ever that is.


Linda K. said...

Wow, I'm impressed!

Lupe Meter said...

You are so funny, Bonnie, that comment about the! Love your cane! Love those eyelashes! Mine are tiny on my face but oh well, I can live with it. After I baked a slice of mine, she turned out a little darker, so she either has a little jaundice or I can say she has the same skin tone as me! But I love it. I am ready to do another one!

Pat Sernyk said...

I think your face cane is awesome. The eyelashes are incredible. Wish I had been there to do the class too. I'll bet you had fun. And the gunshot wound....what can I say.