Saturday, November 12, 2011


My husband needed a new computer because he is a day trader and it's important to have all this geek stuff in good condition.  He decided I could have his old computer.  He spent 4 days transferring my stuff to his old computer and kept asking me why I made quadruplicates of all my pictures?????  I never did that.  Then he wanted to know why I had all these folders full of PDF tutorials on my email.  Well, duh.  That's where they came from so that's where I kept them.  OK, now I'm getting stressed.  I had some tutorials in files on my desktop that I used a lot and he wanted to know why.  Do you other non-geek people have this problem?  Anyway, 5 days later he finds out that my computer had 12 non-death-threatening viruses.  He fixed those, transferred my stuff and the computer died.  OK, first trip was to Best Buy.  Got a computer, started again and the CD burner didn't work.  Back to Best Buy.  Went to Costco got another computer, started setting it up and the thing was so loud we couldn't hear each other talk.  Back to Costco to take the computer back.  Off to Fry's Electronics to get one just like he got two weeks ago.  I have not been able to download any new pictures and I have items I want to put in my Etsy and Artfire stores.

While this was going on I had to go for a cortisone shot in my back yesterday and when we got there he gave me shots in both sides which I didn't know was going to happen.  The doctor blamed my husband for taking me on the cross country road trip in the car to my nephews wedding.  It wasn't his idea but I didn't say anything.  This guy was no Marcus Welby.  They lied about it not hurting but today my back feels pretty good and hope it stays that way because I'm taking a two day class today and tomorrow with Barbara Maguire.

BARBARA MAGUIRE FACE CANE CLASS  This necklace was featured in a collection on Artfire today called "Elegantly Yours" you can see it here.  There are some beautiful things in this collection including some beading tutorials.
If my new computer works soon, I'll download pictures from the class.  I'm really excited about meeting Barbara and taking a class from her.  I have all her books and DVDs.

This is a necklace I made with Barbara Maguire's tutorial on Mokume Gane which you buy on her website.


Silke said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like quite the day you had with all those computer problems and then TWO shots in your back. I am glad that the computer is now functional and your back doesn't hurt so bad. That should help you focus on this fun class you are taking. Enjoy!! Hugs, Silke

Linda K. said...

Glad your back is feeling better. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Barbara Maguire's class. You get to take the best classes!

I had so many tutorials and photos on my computer that it was too slow to work on. I bought a bunch of flash drives on sale and transferred all my stuff. One drive has all my non-art-related photos, all my clay tutorials and photos are on another drive, all my beadweaving stuff on a third drive, all my decorative painting stuff on a fourth drive, and my backup on a fifth drive. I keep them all in a ziplock bag. If I ever lose it, I'm toast!