Friday, November 18, 2011


My husband said I need to change my medication because he thinks I'm getting a little wild.

Since I took that face cane class from Barbara Maguire last weekend, I haven't been the same.  I told him it was the shots in the back that did it but he doesn't believe me.

Today I decided to play with my face cane again.

It's not my fault I had an old leaf cane sitting on my desk.  It just jumped on there.  I put some walnut embossing powder on her hair to make it look like hairy hair but I only baked her at 250 so the embossing powder didn't melt.  I sanded her a lot and got most of the embossing powder off.  She buffed up really well.  This obsession could get worse but I doubt it.

Yesterday my friend Evelyn came over so I could help her put her face cane together.  She also took Barbara's class and I give her a ton of credit.  She has macular degeneration and doesn't see very well.  She really hung in there.  She's an artist, a real artist.  She taught art for 30 years.  The fact that her eyesight is leaving her is so sad.  She loves polymer clay and it's great therapy for her.  Anyway, she didn't like her face cane because she thought the lips were too big but I think it's wonderful.

She needs a little more forehead and then I think her lips will be fine.  We did a pound of translucent clay and we still didn't have enough.

I was just told by Mr. Wonderful (he is) that I should make a face cane and put little hearts around her head and  call her "LOVE MY HAIR".  I told him he should stick to being an Engineer.  He didn't get it. :0)


Lupe Meter said...

I like the leaves on her head, Bonnie...cute. I almost thought of doing that but decided to make the curls it my signature as the artist. Didn't know what else to do. I am also having fun with the face cane. Wish I had more time to do something with the pendants! Your face came out lighter this time around, maybe it was the temperature. I won't see you tomorrow at the guild, right?

Linda K. said...

She's very pretty and I like the leaves around her head. I have to say, though, that I like your husband's idea, even if he is an engineer, LOL.

Mª Reyes said...

Te ha quedado una maravilla. Besos

Melobeau said...

What a lovely face cane! Came out so well done and all fits together beautifully. I love the nature-nest she has for her hair. Maybe she's Mother Nature. With, as you wrote, a little more forehead, I think Evelyn's cane is going to be terrific, too. I especially like the eyes. LOVE MY HAIR.....ROFL, perfect!