Friday, November 4, 2011


Last February I took 4 classes from Christi Friesen at the Tucson Bead Show.  When we came home I made myself a steampunk elephant necklace and I get more compliments on that than on anything else I wear.  Well, my elephant is worn out and missing some pieces, I don't think water would do him any good.  I did listen to that book "Water For The Elephants" and then it came out as a movie.  To me, it was a very sad and depressing book so I never went to see the movie.  The other day I decided to wear my elephant for one last time.  A lady came through our beading club and asked if I would make one for her daughter.  I finished it today.

He's all silver and black with Groucho Marx eye brows, a monocle and lots of steampunk parts.  Hope she likes him.


A couple months ago I bought some wooden needle cases.  I thought they would be great to carry my beading needles in and to store them.  I forgot I had them.  I made another Stroppel cane and decided it would look great on one of these cases.

I guess I could have beaded around it but this is more fun and less time.

This is a resin-steampunk piece I did with a Kumihimo rope necklace.  It has clay in the bottom and two layers of resin on top.  Someday I'll take my time and get rid of the shadows in my pictures.  I set up my picture box but the lights still aren't right.  This was taken outside.  I need to do more resin.  This was UV resin.  I'm going to try the two part resin some day along with a bunch of other things.  LOL  No more room for stuff.


Lupe Meter said...

Love the steampunk elephant, Bonnie! You did an awesome job on it! She will love it! You have been busy! Love your steampunk heart too!

Linda K. said...

More amazing work, Bonnie!