Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today I took a piece of my face cane that had the gun shot wound in it and tried to manipulate it.  I put it on some white clay and used the left over eyelash cane to make hair.  Baked it for an hour at 265 and the face tone turned darker than I thought it would.
She was sanded and buffed.  She sure doesn't look like the beautiful women that Barbara Maguire does with her face canes but I like her.  I used Photoscape to edit the picture since I have a new computer.  I have a lot to learn about this new computer and tonight I'm over whelmed.  Had to reinstall my media over drive to download books from the library to my IPAD and now I can't find the book.  HELP ME.

This is Judy's face cane.  Can't wait to see what she makes with it.

Evelyn and I will be working on her face cane Thursday.  I'll post that when we get it done.

I'm getting too old for all this technology.  Pretty soon kids won't know what pens and pencils and paper are.

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Lupe Meter said...

Love your face cane, Bonnie and Judy's too! I know what you mean about it getting darker when baked. Barbara did say, the tint would probably change once it is baked which was the reason not to make the cheeks dark. I see why after I baked mine. Barbara really knows her colors. Hopefully, I can do something with my face cane today. Yesterday was a pretty full day for me. Good luck on the computer. I know it takes time to really get acquainted with all the new tech stuff.