Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Last Wednesday at beading I taught a class in polymer clay on how to do a basket weave but with a few extra things that I added.  Two of the ladies brought their finished pieces in today for me to see.  Their creativity has just blown me away.  Karen, loves big pendants and Isabel loves small ones but they both went beyond what I imagined.

These are Isabel's.

These are Karen's.

I was going to try to steal the heart but I wasn't fast enough.

If you love the craft you are doing, teach someone else how to do it.  Share your knowledge and your toys.  It's a wonderful learning experience. 

A girl can never have enough toys.


Lupe Meter said...

Such lovely creations...they had a great teacher!

Rose said...

The heart was mine. I love that one. You did a good job teaching. Everyone was happy with the outcome

Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Thanks girls, you both are great teachers too. These girls are really talented.

No Rose, you can't have the heart, it doesn't match what you are wearing.