Saturday, May 12, 2012


All my friends and I do Kumihimo (Japanese Braiding).  We try to teach ourselves something new all the time because we all have inquiring minds.  My short term memory has been testing me though.  Anyway, I have this Kumihimo book by Kathy King James.

In the book she gives direction on how to do a square Kumihimo.  It's not that hard unless you are watching NCIS or Person of Interest.  I can't concentrate when Jim Caviezel is on TV.  I started this square rope on Wednesday morning, took it apart Wednesday afternoon.  Started it again on Wednesday night, took it apart Thursday morning.  This one took me 5 tries.  You put 8 cords on the loom and you make 4 moves clockwise and then you make 4 moves counter clockwise and put your east west cords back in the regular position and start again.  Mess up one cord and it's wine time.

I used 1 mm black satin rattail and 2 mm gold satin rattail.  Wish I had some gold 1 mm the 2mm was kind of heavy.

This is the finished rope.  It's 20 inches long and I'll be tying off the ends and either put them in caps or do some beading around them.  I have a polymer clay bead that I want to put on this.  I'll post it IF I EVER FINISH IT.


Can't blog without a Buster story.

Here he is yelling at me again.  I was taking pictures instead of finishing my ironing.

Last week I was ironing, baking some polymer clay, curing some resin pieces in my UV lamp, watching TV, and had the computer on.  Blew the electric on this side of the house.  Got that same old lecture from my better half about the fact that I can't iron, bake clay and use a resin light all at the same time.  I told him I forgot and that I took a test in the National Enquirer and my short term memory isn't so good.  He just rolled his eyes and walked away.

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Lovely Little Creations said...

I love your blog and I was so happy to see that you too have a Kumihimo moment - I found the beautiful braiding on another site and I was looking for resources that I could use to start learning how to do this. Thank you for the book suggestion... it's off to Amazon I go :)