Monday, May 21, 2012


When I was young I thought my feet were too big and then I met some friends who had even bigger feet.  My grandma always told me that having big feet meant that you had a good foundation for your whole life.  Someone gave me a bunch of old polymer clay stuff and in the box there were feet molds.  I gave them to a friend at our clay guild.  She does a lot of sculpting.  She made me a gift and every time I look at it, I can't help but smile.
How cute is that?  She's 3 inches tall.  The only thing about her that looks like me is the feet. LOL
Thank you Judy.

The same day, another friend of mine came over and brought me these earrings.  They represent "Rainbow Bridge".   Animals who die go to Rainbow Bridge to wait for us.  Check out the poem  Presents are wonderful.

This is a pendant I finished with turquoise clay.  I used Guilder's Paste on the ball in the middle.

This bracelet is going to Wisconsin along with a box of 25 other pieces.  It's for a benefit next weekend to raise money for medical expenses for a sick baby.

I'm a little nervous right now.  I'm going in for surgery on my forhead today.  I have a little cancer spot above my right eye.  Just hope my short term memory doesn't leak out, can't afford to lose much more.  Maybe this will kick start my muse again.


Cara Jane said...

I do hope your surgery goes well and you manage to keep that memory in!

I hope your bracelet helps to raise lots of money!
Look forward to seeing you back -and your muse being raring to go!

Lupe Meter said...

What a gorgeous bracelet, Bonnie!! I am sure it will bring in a lot of money! Love that sculpture...too cute! And man, gotta a get me some of the Gilder's paste...beautiful pendant!! Take Care and I am praying for continued healing as well! Hope to see you Wednesday!

Lori Anderson said...

Best wishes on the surgery!