Wednesday, May 2, 2012


What's your guess?  I made the beads on this necklace about 4 years ago with Studio by Sculpey clay which I love.  Unfortunately, they don't make this clay anymore.  However, being a hoarder, I have a big box of Studio clay in my closet and I better use it before it gets hard.  OK, the beads are made of Studio but the large focal is made of Premo.  I sanded it but I didn't buff it.  They really look like the same clay.  My friend Evelyn was going through my finished beads.  She saw the necklace laying on my table because I was redoing it.  She picked up this pendant and put it with the beads.  She has a knack even though she doesn't see very well because of her macular degeneration.

I'm teaching a polymer clay class at our beading club today.  The above is a ribbon weave technique that I found in an old Polymer Cafe but I've done quite a few changes to the technique.  The pendants on the left have Magic Glos on them and the pendants on the right have Sculpey Gloss on them.  Very different looks and finished feel of the clay.

This is a new technique I've been working on., especially the size and shape of the outer pendant.

Don't you love the background on the pictures?  It's Costco paper towels.  I was in a hurry.  LOL


Lupe Meter said...

You are so funny, Bonnie! I am sure the gals at your beading club will love the ribbon weave class. Have fun!

Melobeau said...

Love the look and colors of the Studio/PREMO necklace. I agree with Evelyn, they certainly do look like the belong together! Hope that the PC class went well. Those ribbon weaves are lovely. Interesting how the 2 finishes can be create really different looks. It's hard to tell from a photo which I like the better because they both look very nice.