Friday, May 4, 2012


Wednesday I taught a Basket Weave polymer clay class at our beading club.  There were 6 students and we really had fun.  Anytime you get girls, clay, paint, cutters and glitter together it's a good thing.  Too bad we couldn't bring a couple bottles of wine to the class, that would have been fun.

I'll publish more when I get some finished pictures.

If you want the directions for this technique, they were published in a 1993 Polymer Cafe and originally done by Kellie Robinson.  I've changed a few things from the original instructions.

I experimented with a few things like embossing powder and that wasn't good.

I use a lot of Magic Glos and I've always used a BBQ lighter to get the bubbles out.  It works great.  Someone told me to try an embossing heat gun.  I did and the Magic Glos blew all over, back to the BBQ lighter.

I just ordered 14 - 1 pound blocks of Premo from Boston Craft Works.  I was a little worried that with the heat out here the clay might bake.  They shipped it so fast and it came in perfect condition.  Their clay is so fresh, I just love it.

Wish I had time to make stuff to put on Etsy and Artfire, my shops are suffering because I'm so busy.
I bet if I quite chasing the cat around with my camera all day I would get a lot more done.  LOL


coltpixy said...

Love how those turned out Bonnie!

Cara Jane said...

looks like you had fun!