Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I started doing a post on the details of my surgery yesterday and I erased the whole thing.

It wasn't nice and it wasn't easy and today I have a headache and a black and blue forehead and a big lump on my forehead.  I can't do anything for 2 days and can't put my head lower than my heart for 2 weeks but I'm here with Buster and enjoying the fact that it could have been worse.

When I was young we didn't think about the effects of the sun on our skin.  I had tons of sun burns when I was little.  I'm a redhead, it happens.  My mother was a sun worshipper when she was young.  We didn't know any better and maybe didn't care.  Tans were the thing and everyone said how healthy you looked if you had a tan.  I saw that woman in New Jersey who spent all her time tanning and it made me cringe.

 If someone told me that I would have skin cancer when I got older from spending so much time in the sun I wouldn't have listened to them.  Yesterday I saw people getting chunks taken out of their nose and cheeks and the tops of their heads.

I play golf and I hate hats, I wear a visor but that didn't cover my ears or the top of my head.

I was told yesterday that 30 SPF was nothing.  Now they want me to use at least 70 SPF.

You only get one skin, so, take care of it.  When you get my age or older, you don't want to have this surgery, trust me.

Take care of those little ones too, they are too precious to leave out in the sun.  It's like putting grapes in the sun, you end up with a raisin.  Teach them NOW.


coltpixy said...

I'm glad it is over too. Hope you are completely healed soon. (((hugs)))

Lupe Meter said...

Glad that is over! Don't worry, I will give the lesson on resin to the gals, it will be fine. Take it easy and heal fast...will be praying for total healing, my friend!

Melobeau said...

Oh Bonnie, I'm so glad that your ordeal is over!Prayers that you may heal quickly and that the pain will soon be gone. I'm very fair and your experience has made me decide to be even more vigilant in the sun than I already am.

Linda K. said...

Oh, my goodness, Bonnie. I know this is an ordeal, but thank God you figured out what it was and had it taken care of. You're in my prayers for a quick recovery and no more episodes of skin cancer.

I spent my youth frying myself in an effort to get that "healthy" tanned look, but all I ever got was red and sore. When good-quality sunless tanner came along, I was thrilled. I hate sunscreen because it makes me sweat, but I wear it anyway. When I golf I wear one of those wide-brimmed hats with the hole in the top (so it doesn't get too hot).